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    Revisiting ImisIO plugin: · ab05786a
    Fierz authored
    - enhance and simplify sqlQueries. The joint snow_drift query now synchronizes the two stations queried (for example IMIS-snow w/ ENET-wind). The data query is efficient in terms of fetching time, that is 1.58 s for one full year of data (17484 rows a 17 columns) but the first conection may take forever (~50 s)
    - disentangle stationID and stationName (staion_code and station_name, respectively, in station2.v_snow_drift_standort); parse/edit station_name to not contain spaces ;-)
    - get temperature sensor depths and insert them in vecMeteoData
    => we now have a robust mapping of the MeteoData object (see r549) and can pass meta data to the application snowpack ;-)