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    A new spatial interpolation algorithm, LocalLapse_IDW (key being LIDW_LAPSE)... · 0b6179bc
    Mathias Bavay authored
    A new spatial interpolation algorithm, LocalLapse_IDW (key being LIDW_LAPSE) has been implemented. It takes a number of stations  as mandatory parameter, and computes for each pixel the IDW_LAPSE only using the closest n stations. This is specially useful when dealing with large number of stations over a wide area. Please keep in mind that since the linear regression calculation might exclude some outliers, a sufficiently large number of stations should be given.
    The algorithm that is computing a linear regression with the possibility of excluding some outliers has been renamed as NoisyLinRegression and moved to Interpol1D. Moreover, the regression algorithm provide an information stringstream that can be directly printed to the screen (usual behavior) or differently handled (specially useful for mutliple regressions calculations or when using GUIs).
    The spatial interpolation algorithm MUST now be initialized by calling their initialize(param) method. This makes it possible to optimize their processing (not recomputing the list of stations to process, etc) and also allow to build an info string that can be returned with the interpolation and contain various useful information (specially for GUIs).