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    The "RateFilter" filter has been renammed "FilterRate" in order to be more... · 1adfbb72
    Mathias Bavay authored
    The "RateFilter" filter has been renammed "FilterRate" in order to be more consistent with other filters (this does not change anything user-side). A new filter has been created, HNW_MELT. This applies the Snowpack criteria on a precipitation measurement: if relative humidity is not high enough or TA and TSS too far apart, it is considered that any measured precipitation comes from snow melting in the (unheated) rain gauge, therefore the measurement is deleted.
    The last occurences of NROFSTATIONS have been deleted in BormaIO, closing issue 163.
    Some code cleanup took place in CosmoIO and FilterMax.
    In IMISIO, a new option and behavior has been implemented to properly manage precipitation measurements: ANETZ stations keep their HNW (they are considered reliable). IMIS stations by default don't produce HNW anymore. A key (USE_IMIS_HNW) can force using them, but a detection of winter conditions (ie: TA>0 and TSS>0) removes measurements known to be invalid. If neither TA nor TSS are available, then HNW is deleted (in order to prevent injecting HNW=0 in the system during a freeze event if the station would happen to miss TA and TSS). USE_IMIS_HNW should always be followed by the HNW_MELT filter.