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  1. 08 Feb, 2021 2 commits
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      Finally rename "gui_elements" into "panels" · 2b016709
      Michael Reisecker authored
      The name was a relict from the very first day of project structuring,
      but this name here makes for much much nicer tab-completing to source
      file names...
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      Add "validity" button to Number panel · f1b0eb77
      Michael Reisecker authored
      Also a logic change: The Number panel does not allow free text
      anymore, i. e. if something is entered it _must_ be an expression (at
      least for the warning to go away).
      An exception are plain numbers, also possible in scientific notation.
      I. e.:
      2+2 <-- not ok
      text <-- not ok
      ${{2+2}} <-- OK
      ${env:VAR} <-- OK
      123 <-- OK
      10e-3 <-- OK
      (empty) <-- OK
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