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  1. 08 Sep, 2009 1 commit
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      A parameter has been added to DEMObject::update in order to specify which... · 2253e112
      Mathias Bavay authored
      A parameter has been added to DEMObject::update in order to specify which algorithm to use. It can either take a member from a specifc enum or a string like "HICK" or "CORRIPIO".
      The isSameGeolocalization method has been added to Grid2DObject in order to allow comparing the geolocalization attributes of two grids. It does not compare the xllcorner/yllcorner parameters since these might have been tweaked for convenience. The code checking the match between lat/long and xll/yll has been commented out since this prevents the correct operations when using a local grid. This method (checkCoordinates) will have to be completely redesigned.
      The ISWR and LWR methods have been uncommented for the Meteo2DInterpolator. 
      The (very dirty) hack that would have interpreted the grid coordinates differently depending on their value (as lat/long or swiss coordinates) in ARCIO and GRASSIO has been removed (this is now replaced by the much cleaner projection class). If the COORDPARAM key is missing in the io.ini file, it is quietly ignored instead of throwing an exception.
      The meteoio_demo program has been updated to reflect these changes
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      Added the begining of an implementation of readMeteoData(data, vecMeteo,... · 4bd14cba
      Mathias Bavay authored
      Added the begining of an implementation of readMeteoData(data, vecMeteo, vecStation) to IOHandler. This should be mostly used for teaching purpose or for benchmarking.
      An error message was added when A3DIO fails to get the COORDIN/COORDPARAM parameter (makes it much easier to track down).
      The reading of ARPS files implemented in LegacyIO was not matching the files that are in used, it has been fixed (slightly different format).
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  14. 17 Aug, 2009 3 commits
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      ARCIO is a new plugin able to read ESRI ASCII (ARC/INFO ASCII GRID) files. · e6a9d344
      Thomas Egger authored
      * this functionality has previously subsided in A3DIO, where it has been deleted and moved to ARCIO
      * to reference this plugin in io.ini use "ARC"
      * to reference A3DIO in io.ini use "A3D" instead of "FILE"
      	e.g. METEOSRC = A3D
      * edited and to deal with the new plugin
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      In order to get MeteoIO to work with popc, BufferedIOHandler had to be tweaked... · f2809b5f
      Mathias Bavay authored
      In order to get MeteoIO to work with popc, BufferedIOHandler had to be tweaked (only for the popc version). 
      Missing definitions in Laws have been added (so that it is synchronized with the one in snowpack_core).
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      The dynamic loading of plugins is now possible under Windows · 276ebfb8
      Thomas Egger authored
      * in order to be able to compile under Windows, the "printf"s in the were changed to "echo"
      * the Makefile currently cannot link the plugins correctly on a windows platform, a separate Makefile.win32 seems to be necessary
      * IOHandler doesn't call any functions that are platform dependent when loading the plugins, or displaying error messages. All platform specific aspects are dealt with in and DynamicLibrary.h (a lot of "#ifdef WIN32" conditionals)
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  18. 10 Aug, 2009 2 commits
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      Adding GSNIO as new plugin to the meteoio library. · f4e293ec
      Thomas Egger authored
      - please use ./configure --with-gsnio to activate the compilation of the plugin
      - the directory gsn in the pluginfolder contains the wsdl file of the GSN web service, the stlvector.h and a test program
      - the GSN plugin can be used through a proxy by adding a few tags to the io.ini file:
      	at least PROXY and PROXYPORT need to be present to activate this feature.
      - to compile the gsn plugin you need to have gsoap++ present
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      First fix for bringing the popc version up to date. Some warnings in IOUtils... · 5e5003dd
      Mathias Bavay authored
      First fix for bringing the popc version up to date. Some warnings in IOUtils and Meteo2DInterpolators have been fixed (non explicit cast).
  19. 07 Aug, 2009 3 commits
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  21. 03 Aug, 2009 1 commit
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      Main changes: · 33cd0e50
      Thomas Egger authored
      * GeotopIO plugin, to read GeoTOP formatted files
      * IOHandler: code reduction for the loading and unloading of plugins
      * MeteoData: added one files "p"
      * IOUtils: added one more readLineToVec for different delimiters (comma, column, ...) - there was only one for whitespaces 
  22. 29 Jul, 2009 1 commit
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      New design for MeteoIO library: · e569ad90
      Thomas Egger authored
      * function readMeteoData is there to read an interval of data
      	readMeteoData(fromDate, toDate, vector< vector<MeteoData> >, vector< vector<MeteoData> >)
      * BufferedIOHandler is constructed with another child of IOInterface (e.g. IOHandler) as parameter and deals with all intrinsic issues of buffering, resampling, filtering: so if you have an IOHandler and you want to add buffering:
      	BufferedIOHandler(iohandler, configreader)
      and then you can access all IOInterface functions, plus a few convenient ones that only BufferedIOHandler exposes:
      	getNextMeteoData(date, vector<MeteoData>, vector<StationData>)
      	readMeteoData(date, vector<MeteoData>, vector<StationData>)
      you can enable and disable buffering:
      * A3DIO and IOHandler had to be adapted to the changes in IOInterface 
      * added a getYear() function to Date_IO
      * MeteoData has a new member variable "resampled" to indicate whether data has been resampled or not