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      Revisiting ImisIO plugin: · ab05786a
      Fierz authored
      - enhance and simplify sqlQueries. The joint snow_drift query now synchronizes the two stations queried (for example IMIS-snow w/ ENET-wind). The data query is efficient in terms of fetching time, that is 1.58 s for one full year of data (17484 rows a 17 columns) but the first conection may take forever (~50 s)
      - disentangle stationID and stationName (staion_code and station_name, respectively, in station2.v_snow_drift_standort); parse/edit station_name to not contain spaces ;-)
      - get temperature sensor depths and insert them in vecMeteoData
      => we now have a robust mapping of the MeteoData object (see r549) and can pass meta data to the application snowpack ;-)
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      A new group of classes has been created, under the meteolaws subdirectory.... · 4b63f416
      Mathias Bavay authored
      A new group of classes has been created, under the meteolaws subdirectory. This contains various general meteorological laws, such as a sun radiation model, standard atmosphere, etc
      The first implementation (not tested yet) of a non-linear least square fit algorithm has been implemented in the libfit1D. 
      Several documentation issues have been fixed (obsolete code examples, etc) and classes grouped by modules. This should help the user to quickly locate the classes of interest. 
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      Directory structure change: src folder now called meteoio · 752c0068
      Thomas Egger authored
      Overall all include statements within in the library have been replaced by angle brackets, the default install path for the include file is $CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR/include/meteoio, the meteoio libraries (static and shared) will be installed in $CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR/lib per default.
      The plugins will be installed in the subdirectory $CMAKE_INSTALL_DIR/lib/meteoio/plugins
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      First, the issue 57 (angle/bearing conversion) has been addressed. · 68605c9a
      Mathias Bavay authored
      Then, the remaining namespace issues with doxygen have been fixed, by enclosing the full class implementation in the namespace (as seen for the libstdc++). This removes all these irritating issues. But the popc version has been broken by the change (as seen in LegacyIO).
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      A new slope computation algorithm has bee added: CARD It computes the slope... · 27deca55
      Mathias Bavay authored
      A new slope computation algorithm has bee added: CARD It computes the slope using Corripio and then discretizes the azimuth along 8 cardinal directions and the slope by degrees. This should be all that GEOtop needs for its drainage direction (then simply calling a dem.update("CARDINAL")).
      The copyright notices have been put in place in all files (headers and cc) with proper attribution of copyright.
      The documentation has been improved, specially fixing issue 22. Warning messages of doxygen have been fixed. An example subdirectory has been created in /doc and contains (currently) 2 examples of code using MeteoIO.
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