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Using the new Coords constructor and making the list of STATIONS in GRIBIO...

Using the new Coords constructor and making the list of STATIONS in GRIBIO support discontinuous numbering
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......@@ -173,48 +173,16 @@ void GRIBIO::setOptions()
void GRIBIO::readStations(std::vector<Coords> &vecPoints)
cfg.getValue("METEOPATH", "Input", meteopath_in);
size_t current_stationnr = 1;
string current_station;
do {
ostringstream ss;
ss << "STATION" << current_stationnr;
cfg.getValue(ss.str(), "Input", current_station, IOUtils::nothrow);
if (!current_station.empty()) {
addStation(current_station, vecPoints);
std::cerr << "\tRead virtual station " << vecPoints.back().printLatLon() << "\n";
} while (!current_station.empty());
std::vector<std::string> vecStation;
cfg.getValues("STATION", "INPUT", vecStation);
for(size_t ii=0; ii<vecStation.size(); ii++) {
Coords tmp(coordin, coordinparam, vecStation[ii]);
vecPoints.push_back( tmp );
void GRIBIO::addStation(const std::string& coord_spec, std::vector<Coords> &vecPoints)
std::istringstream iss(coord_spec);
double coord1=IOUtils::nodata, coord2=IOUtils::nodata;
int epsg=IOUtils::inodata;
iss >> std::skipws >> coord1;
iss >> std::skipws >> coord2;
iss >> std::skipws >> epsg;
if(coord1!=IOUtils::nodata && coord2!=IOUtils::nodata && epsg!=IOUtils::inodata) {
Coords point;
point.setXY(coord1, coord2, IOUtils::nodata);
if(coord1!=IOUtils::nodata && coord2!=IOUtils::nodata) {
Coords point(coordin, coordinparam);
point.setLatLon(coord1, coord2, IOUtils::nodata);
std::cerr << "\tRead virtual station " << vecPoints.back().printLatLon() << "\n";
throw InvalidArgumentException("Coordinate specification \""+coord_spec+"\" is invalid!", AT);
void GRIBIO::listKeys(grib_handle** h, const std::string& filename)
......@@ -71,7 +71,6 @@ class GRIBIO : public IOInterface {
void read2DGrid(const std::string& filename, Grid2DObject& grid_out, const MeteoGrids::Parameters& parameter, const Date& date);
void readWind(const std::string& filename, const Date& date);
void indexFile(const std::string& filename);
void addStation(const std::string& coord_spec, std::vector<Coords> &vecPoints);
void readStations(std::vector<Coords> &vecPoints);
void listKeys(grib_handle** h, const std::string& filename);
void scanMeteoPath();
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