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Commit eed9efcd authored by Mathias Bavay's avatar Mathias Bavay
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Added the possibility to provided a path to METAFILE

parent e7105c79
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ namespace mio {
* - COORDPARAM: extra coordinates parameters (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] section
* - METEOPATH: directory containing all the data files with the proper file naming schema; [Input] section
* - STATION#: input stations' IDs (in METEOPATH). As many meteofiles as needed may be specified
* - METAFILE: file within METEOPATH containing the stations' IDs, names and location; [Input] section
* - METAFILE: file containing the stations' IDs, names and location; [Input] section (either within METEOPATH if not path is
provided or within the provided path)
* - OSHD_DEBUG: write out extra information to better show what is in the files
* @section oshd_example Example use
......@@ -82,7 +83,7 @@ namespace mio {
* [Input]
* METAFILE = STAT_LIST.mat ;another possibility could be /local/metadata/STAT_LIST.mat
* @endcode
......@@ -196,12 +197,16 @@ void OshdIO::parseInputOutputSection()
cfg.getValue("OSHD_DEBUG", "INPUT", debug, IOUtils::nothrow);
//IOUtils::getProjectionParameters(cfg, coordin, coordinparam, coordout, coordoutparam);
cfg.getValue("METAFILE", "INPUT", in_metafile);
cfg.getValues("STATION", "INPUT", vecIDs);
cfg.getValue("METEOPATH", "Input", in_meteopath);
scanMeteoPath(in_meteopath, cache_meteo_files);
cfg.getValue("METAFILE", "INPUT", in_metafile);
if (IOUtils::getFilename(in_metafile) == in_metafile) { //ie there is no path in the provided filename
in_metafile = in_meteopath + "/" + in_metafile;
//fill the params mapping vector
params_map.push_back( std::make_pair( MeteoData::TA, "tair") );
params_map.push_back( std::make_pair(MeteoData::RH, "rhum") );
......@@ -410,23 +415,22 @@ double OshdIO::convertUnits(const double& val, const std::string& units, const M
void OshdIO::fillStationMeta()
vecMeta.resize( vecIDs.size(), StationData() );
const std::string filename( in_meteopath+"/"+in_metafile );
mat_t *matfp = Mat_Open(filename.c_str(), MAT_ACC_RDONLY);
if ( NULL == matfp ) throw AccessException(filename, AT);
mat_t *matfp = Mat_Open(in_metafile.c_str(), MAT_ACC_RDONLY);
if ( NULL == matfp ) throw AccessException(in_metafile, AT);
matvar_t *matvar = Mat_VarReadInfo(matfp, "statlist");
if (matvar==NULL) throw NotFoundException("structure 'statlist' not found in file '"+filename+"'", AT);
if (matvar==NULL) throw NotFoundException("structure 'statlist' not found in file '"+in_metafile+"'", AT);
std::vector<std::string> vecAcro;
readStringVector(filename, "acro", matfp, matvar, vecAcro);
readStringVector(in_metafile, "acro", matfp, matvar, vecAcro);
std::vector<std::string> vecNames;
readStringVector(filename, "name", matfp, matvar, vecNames);
readStringVector(in_metafile, "name", matfp, matvar, vecNames);
std::vector<double> easting, northing, altitude;
readDoubleVector(filename, "x", matfp, matvar, easting);
readDoubleVector(filename, "y", matfp, matvar, northing);
readDoubleVector(filename, "z", matfp, matvar, altitude);
readDoubleVector(in_metafile, "x", matfp, matvar, easting);
readDoubleVector(in_metafile, "y", matfp, matvar, northing);
readDoubleVector(in_metafile, "z", matfp, matvar, altitude);
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