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Updated some of the documentation and converted output date/time to GMT

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......@@ -41,20 +41,14 @@ namespace mio {
* In order to graphicaly explore the content and structure of NetCDF files, you can use the
* <A HREF="">ncBrowse</A> java software.
* @section cnrm_units Units
* @section cnrm_keywords Keywords
* This plugin uses the following keywords:
* - COORDSYS: coordinate system (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] sections
* - COORDPARAM: extra coordinates parameters (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] sections
* - DEMFILE: The filename of the file containing the DEM; [Input] section
* - DEMVAR: The variable name of the DEM within the DEMFILE; [Input] section
* - METEOPATH: where to find the meteofiles as refered to here below; [Input] and [Output] sections
* - METEOFILE: the NetCDF file which shall be used for the meteo parameter input/output; [Input] and [Output] sections
* - UREF: height of wind measurements (in m, default 10m); [Output] section
* - ZREF: height of air temperature measurements (in m, default 2m); [Output] section
* - GRID2DFILE: the NetCDF file which shall be used for gridded input/output; [Input] and [Output] sections
* - STRICTFORMAT: Whether the NetCDF file should be strictly compliant with the CNRM standard; Parameters not present
* in the specification will be omitted; [Input] and [Output] section
......@@ -64,6 +58,9 @@ namespace mio {
* METEOFILE = ./input/meteo/
* @endcode
* It is also recommended to use a dataGenerator on PSUM (for example, a constant generator set at 0) since
* <A HREF="">Crocus</A> does not accept nodata values (and re-accumulating
* the precipitation can still lead to nodata values).
* @section cnrm_compilation Compilation
* In order to compile this plugin, you need libnetcdf (for C). For Linux, please select both the libraries and
......@@ -554,6 +551,7 @@ void CNRMIO::writeMeteoData(const std::vector< std::vector<MeteoData> >& vecMete
if (ref_date.isUndef() || ref_date < vecMeteo[ii].front().date)
ref_date = vecMeteo[ii].front().date;
ref_date.setTimeZone(0.); //so dates will be in GMT
ref_date.rnd(3600*24, Date::DOWN); //round to the day
map<string, int> varid;
......@@ -615,7 +613,7 @@ void CNRMIO::copy_data(const size_t& number_of_stations, const size_t& number_of
map_data_2D[cnrm_rainf][ii] = plugin_nodata;
map_data_2D[cnrm_snowf][ii] = plugin_nodata;
for (size_t jj=1; jj<number_of_records; ++jj) {
const double acc_period = (vecMeteo[ii][jj].date.getJulian() - vecMeteo[ii][jj-1].date.getJulian()) * (24.*3600.); //in seconds
if (acc_period==0.) continue; //this should not happen, but...
......@@ -638,7 +636,7 @@ void CNRMIO::copy_data(const size_t& number_of_stations, const size_t& number_of
if (varname==cnrm_snowf) continue; //this is handled by cnrm_rainf
if (varname==cnrm_swr_diffuse) { //HACK: Crocus will redo global = dir+diff
for (size_t ii=0; ii<number_of_stations; ++ii) {
for (size_t jj=0; jj<number_of_records; ++jj)
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