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Added some missing documentation

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......@@ -569,8 +569,15 @@ void getTimeZoneParameters(const Config& cfg, double& tz_in, double& tz_out) {
cfg.getValue("TIME_ZONE", "Output", tz_out, IOUtils::nothrow);
//returns index of element, if element does not exist it returns closest index after soughtdate
//the element needs to be an exact hit or embedded between two measurments
* @brief Search for an element at a given date in a vector of MeteoData.
* The position of the matching date is returned or IOUtils::npos if not found. If \em exactmatch=false,
* the position of the first element \em after \em soughtdate is returned (or IOUtils::npos if this is
* not possible / relevant).
* @param[in] soughtdate date that should be found
* @param[in] vecM vector that should contain the data
* @param[in] exactmatch if the exact requested date is not found, return npos
size_t seek(const Date& soughtdate, const std::vector<MeteoData>& vecM, const bool& exactmatch)
if (vecM.empty() || soughtdate < vecM.front().date || soughtdate > vecM.back().date) {
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