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Documentation on how to install libpng on Mac

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......@@ -82,6 +82,11 @@ namespace mio {
* @section pngio_compilation
* In order to compile this plugin, you need libpng and zlib. For Linux, please select both the libraries and their development files in your package manager.
* For Mac, you can either install using <A href="">Fink</A> or directly from <a href="">source</a>.
* In this case, please install <a href="">zlib</a> at the prefix of your choice (for example with the <i>"--prefix=/usr/local"</i> options
* to its configure script, build with <i>"make"</i> and install with <i>"sudo make install"</i>). Then provide the libpng configure script with the
* <i>"--enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local"</i> options (and build with <i>"make"</i> followed by <i>"sudo make install"</i>).
* For Windows, you can find zlib at
* and libpng at . Once this has been installed, if you plan on using
* Visual c++, you also need to edit the file zconf.h in the libpng installation directory and transform the line 287:
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