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......@@ -40,6 +40,15 @@ namespace mio {
* - \subpage pgmio "PGMIO" for reading PGM grid files (no extra requirements)
* - \subpage smetio "SMETIO" for reading SMET meteo data files (no extra requirements)
* @section data_generators Data generators
* It is also possible to duplicate a meteorological parameter as another meteorological parameter. This is done by specifying a COPY key, following the syntax
* COPY::new_name = existing_parameter. For example:
* @code
* COPY::VW_avg = VW
* @endcode
* This creates a new parameter VW_avg that starts as an exact copy of the raw data of VW, for each station. This newly created parameter is
* then processed as any other meteorological parameter (thus going through filtering, generic processing, spatial interpolations). This only current
* limitation is that the parameter providing the raw data must be defined for all stations (even if filled with nodata, this is good enough).
void IOHandler::registerPlugins()
......@@ -161,7 +161,8 @@ namespace mio {
* (key=SPECIALPTS), one for data assimilation (key=DA), one for landuse (key=LANDUSE) and one for Digital
* Elevation Model (key=DEM). Please see \ref plugins for the available plugins. Afterwards, each plugin comes
* with its own set of keys, as specified in the plugin's documentation. Morevover, the geographic coordinate
* system should often be specified, as explained in \ref coords .
* system should often be specified, as explained in \ref coords. For the meteorological parameters, it is also
* possible to copy one parameter into a new one, as shown in \ref data_generators.
* - [Output] : This section is very similar to the [Input] section, but (obviously) for outputing the data.
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