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Commit 997ba4f2 authored by Thomas Egger's avatar Thomas Egger
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Last commit was faulty, recommitted

parent b4182991
......@@ -288,8 +288,8 @@ void ARPSIO::openGridFile(const std::string& _filename)
//get llcorner
cfg.getValue("ARPS_X", "Input", xcoord);
cfg.getValue("ARPS_Y", "Input", ycoord);
cfg.getValue("ARPS_X", "Input", xcoord, 0);
cfg.getValue("ARPS_Y", "Input", ycoord, 0);
//come back to the begining of the file
......@@ -118,11 +118,11 @@ void PGMIO::read2DGrid(Grid2DObject& grid_out, const std::string& filename)
IOUtils::convertString(nr_colors, tmpvec[0]);
cfg.getValue("PGM_XCOORD", "Input", xllcorner);
cfg.getValue("PGM_YCOORD", "Input", yllcorner);
cfg.getValue("PGM_CELLSIZE", "Input", cellsize);
cfg.getValue("PGM_MIN", "Input", val_min);
cfg.getValue("PGM_MAX", "Input", val_max);
cfg.getValue("PGM_XCOORD", "Input", xllcorner, 0);
cfg.getValue("PGM_YCOORD", "Input", yllcorner, 0);
cfg.getValue("PGM_CELLSIZE", "Input", cellsize, 0);
cfg.getValue("PGM_MIN", "Input", val_min, 0);
cfg.getValue("PGM_MAX", "Input", val_max, 0);
Coords location(coordin, coordinparam);
location.setXY(xllcorner, yllcorner, IOUtils::nodata);
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