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Implementing a workaround for Mingw bug 2152 and better documentation for the Sun class

parent 810ce347
......@@ -30,6 +30,20 @@ using namespace std;
namespace mio {
#ifdef MINGW
//some version of MINGW have a buggy 64 bits implementation of difftime
//this is Mingw bug 2152
static __inline__
double difftime( time_t __t1, time_t __t0 ) {
if (sizeof(time_t)==8) { //time_t is 64 bits
return (double)((long double)(__t1) - (long double)(__t0));
} else {
//return (double)((__int64)(__t1) - (__int64)(__t0));
return (double)__t1 - (double)__t0;
const int Date::daysLeapYear[12] = {31,29,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31};
const int Date::daysNonLeapYear[12] = {31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31};
const double Date::DST_shift = 1.0; //in hours
......@@ -105,15 +119,14 @@ void Date::setUndef(const bool& flag) {
* @brief Set internal gmt time from system time as well as system time zone.
void Date::setFromSys() {
/*const time_t curr = time(NULL); //current time in UTC
tm local = *localtime(&curr); //convert to local time
const double tz = (double)local.tm_gmtoff/3600.; //time zone shift*/
const time_t curr = time(NULL);// current time in UTC
tm local = *gmtime(&curr);// current time in UTC, stored as tm
const time_t utc = (mktime(&local));// convert GMT tm to GMT time_t
const time_t utc = mktime(&local);// convert GMT tm to GMT time_t
#ifndef MINGW
double tz = - difftime(utc,curr)/3600.; //time zone shift (sign so that if curr>utc, tz>0)
#else //workaround for Mingw bug 2152
double tz = - mio::difftime(utc,curr)/3600.; //time zone shift (sign so that if curr>utc, tz>0)
setDate( curr ); //Unix time_t setter, always in gmt
setTimeZone( tz );
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ void SunObject::getClearSky(const double& sun_elevation, const double& R_toa,
const double& ta, const double& rh, const double& pressure, const double& ground_albedo,
double& R_direct, double& R_diffuse) const
//these pow cost us a lot here, but replacing them by fastPow() has a large impact o accuracy (because of the exp())
//these pow cost us a lot here, but replacing them by fastPow() has a large impact on accuracy (because of the exp())
const double olt = 0.32; //ozone layer thickness (cm) U.S.standard = 0.34 cm
const double w0 = 0.9; //fraction of energy scattered to total attenuation by aerosols (Bird and Hulstrom(1981))
const double fc = 0.84; //fraction of forward scattering to total scattering (Bird and Hulstrom(1981))
......@@ -30,8 +30,10 @@ namespace mio {
* @class SunObject
* @brief A class to calculate Sun's characteristics
* @brief A class to calculate Solar radiation characteristics
* This is largely based on M. Iqbal, <i>"An introduction to solar radiation"</i>, 1983, Academic Press, ISBN: 0-12-373750-8.
* The Sun's position is provided by the SunTrajectory class (currently the only implemented algorithm is Meeus).
* All units are SI. See for a validation calculator.
* @ingroup meteolaws
* @author Mathias Bavay
* @date 2010-06-10
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