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First fixes for NetCDF so it could be used by Alpine3D: a bug when handling...

First fixes for NetCDF so it could be used by Alpine3D: a bug when handling precipitation grids has been fixed (nodata now remain nodata) and the data packing has been removed (since when appending new grids it can simply not work). A future alternative could be "bit shaving", see .
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......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ bool NetCDFIO::read2DGrid_internal(Grid2DObject& grid_out, const std::string& fi
if (isPrecip && units=="m") grid_out *= 100.;
if (isPrecip) {//reset very low precip to zero
for (size_t ii=0; ii<(grid_out.getNx()*grid_out.getNy()); ii++)
if (grid_out(ii)<1e-3) grid_out(ii)=0.;
if (grid_out(ii)<1e-3 && grid_out(ii)!=mio::IOUtils::nodata) grid_out(ii)=0.;
......@@ -665,20 +665,8 @@ void NetCDFIO::write2DGrid_internal(Grid2DObject grid_in, const std::string& fil
if (units=="J m**-2") grid_in *= (3600.*1.); //HACK: assuming that we do hourly outputs
if (isPrecip && units=="m") grid_in *= 0.01;
//Compute data packing
const double data_min = grid_in.grid2D.getMin();
const double range = grid_in.grid2D.getMax() - data_min;
double add_offset = 0., scale_factor = 1.;
if (range!=0.) {
const long double type_range = 0.5* (static_cast<long double>(std::numeric_limits<int>::max()) - static_cast<long double>(std::numeric_limits<int>::min()));
scale_factor = static_cast<double> ( range / (type_range - 1.) ); //we reserve the max for nodata
add_offset = data_min + range/2.; //center the data on the central value of the type
grid_in -= add_offset;
grid_in /= scale_factor;
const double nodata_out = (range!=0)? std::numeric_limits<int>::max() : IOUtils::nodata;
ncpp::calculate_dimensions(grid_in, lat_array, lon_array);
ncpp::fill_grid_data(grid_in, nodata_out, data);
ncpp::fill_grid_data(grid_in, IOUtils::nodata, data);
int ncid, did_lat, did_lon, did_time, vid_lat, vid_lon, vid_var, vid_time;
bool create_dimensions(false), create_variable(false), create_time(false);
......@@ -736,17 +724,11 @@ void NetCDFIO::write2DGrid_internal(Grid2DObject grid_in, const std::string& fil
if (is_record && create_variable) {
ncpp::add_3D_variable(ncid, attr.var, NC_INT, did_time, did_lat, did_lon, vid_var); //NC_DOUBLE or NC_INT or NC_SHORT
add_attributes_for_variable(ncid, vid_var, attr, nodata_out);
add_attributes_for_variable(ncid, vid_var, attr, IOUtils::nodata);
} else if (create_variable) {
ncpp::add_2D_variable(ncid, attr.var, NC_INT, did_lat, did_lon, vid_var); //NC_DOUBLE
add_attributes_for_variable(ncid, vid_var, attr, nodata_out);
if (range!=0.) {
ncpp::add_attribute(ncid, vid_var, "add_offset", add_offset);
ncpp::add_attribute(ncid, vid_var, "scale_factor", scale_factor);
add_attributes_for_variable(ncid, vid_var, attr, IOUtils::nodata);
ncpp::end_definitions(filename, ncid);
if (create_dimensions) {
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