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Added some references to the Meeus algorithm

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......@@ -86,6 +86,19 @@ class SunTrajectory {
static const double nodata;
* @class SunMeeus
* @brief Calculate the Sun's position based on the Meeus algorithm.
* See J. Meeus, <i>"Astronomical Algorithms"</i>, 1998, 2nd ed, ISBN 0-943396-61-1.
* A useful reference is also NOAA's spreadsheet at or
* for comparing positional data. The technical report
* I. Reda, A. Andreas, <i>"Solar Position Algorithm for Solar Radiation Applications"</i>, 2008, NREL/TP-560-34302
* also contains an alternative algorithm and very detailed validation data sets.
* @ingroup meteolaws
* @author Mathias Bavay
* @date 2010-06-10
class SunMeeus : public SunTrajectory {
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