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Added more comments to the operator= in

parent ede63969
......@@ -188,11 +188,10 @@ MeteoData& MeteoData::operator=(const MeteoData& rhs)
for (unsigned int ii=MeteoData::lastparam+1; ii<rhs.getNrOfParameters(); ii++) {
//for the extraparameters other measures are necessary
tmpit = rhs.meteoparam.find(ii);
const string& name = meteoparamname[ii];
double* val = &extraparameters[name];
meteoparam[ii] = val;
mapParameterByName[name] = val;
const string& name = meteoparamname[ii]; //get the name of that extra parameter
double* val = &extraparameters[name]; //copy the pointer
meteoparam[ii] = val; //copy pointer into meteoparam
mapParameterByName[name] = val; //copy pointer into mapParameterByName
nrOfAllParameters = meteoparam.size();
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