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Commit 237d278f authored by Thomas Egger's avatar Thomas Egger
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In addition to bugfix for issue 147: Speedup of the copy constructor in MeteoData.

parent f8fe2bff
......@@ -72,6 +72,23 @@ const std::string& MeteoData::getNameForParameter(const unsigned int& parindex)
return it->second;
void MeteoData::associateMemberVariables()
//The following mapping needs to be done for every instance of MeteoData
meteoparam[TA] = &ta;
meteoparam[ISWR] = &iswr;
meteoparam[VW] = &vw;
meteoparam[DW] = &dw;
meteoparam[RH] = &rh;
meteoparam[ILWR] = &ilwr;
meteoparam[HNW] = &hnw;
meteoparam[TSG] = &tsg;
meteoparam[TSS] = &tss;
meteoparam[HS] = &hs;
meteoparam[RSWR] = &rswr;
meteoparam[P] = &p;
void MeteoData::initParameterMap()
{//NOTE: any performace improvement here would make a big difference...
//Associate unsigned int value and a string representation of a meteo parameter
......@@ -175,12 +192,40 @@ MeteoData& MeteoData::operator=(const MeteoData& rhs)
date =;
meta = rhs.meta;
resampled = rhs.resampled;
extraparameters = rhs.extraparameters;
initParameterMap(); //resets all values to IOUtils::nodata
meteoparamname = rhs.meteoparamname;
associateMemberVariables(); //copies pointers into the meteoparam map
std::map<unsigned int, double*>::const_iterator tmpit;
for (unsigned int ii=0; ii<=MeteoData::lastparam; ii++) {
double* val = meteoparam[ii];
tmpit = rhs.meteoparam.find(ii);
*val = *(tmpit->second); //copy by value
mapParameterByName[meteoparamname[ii]] = val; //copy pointer into second map
for (unsigned int ii=MeteoData::lastparam+1; ii<rhs.getNrOfParameters(); ii++) {
//for the extraparameters other measures are necessary
tmpit = rhs.meteoparam.find(ii);
const string& name = meteoparamname[ii];
double* val = &extraparameters[name];
meteoparam[ii] = val;
mapParameterByName[name] = val;
nrOfAllParameters = meteoparam.size();
//Go through all parameters in <int,string> map and store them into <string,double*> map
map<unsigned int, string>::const_iterator tmpit;
for (tmpit = meteoparamname.begin(); tmpit != meteoparamname.end(); tmpit++)
mapParameterByName[tmpit->second] = meteoparam[tmpit->first];
//Check for inconsistency between enum Parameters and the two maps meteoparam and meteoparamname
if ((meteoparam.size() != meteoparamname.size()) || (meteoparam.size() != getNrOfParameters()))
throw IOException("Inconsistency within class MeteoData: Check function initParameterMap()", AT);
std::map<unsigned int, double*>::const_iterator it;
map<unsigned int, string>::const_iterator tmpit;
for (it=rhs.meteoparam.begin(); it!=rhs.meteoparam.end(); it++){
......@@ -190,9 +235,9 @@ MeteoData& MeteoData::operator=(const MeteoData& rhs)
/*tmpit = rhs.meteoparamname.find(it->first);
cout << "in=: index " << it->first << " value: " << *(it->second) << endl;
*mapParameterByName[tmpit->second] = *(it->second);
return *this;
......@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ class MeteoData {
std::map<unsigned int, std::string> meteoparamname; ///<Associate a name with every meteo parameter
void initAllParameters();
void associateMemberVariables();
void initParameterMap(); ///<initializes the meteoparam map that allows sequential access to meteo parameters
bool resampled; ///<set this to true if MeteoData is result of resampling
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