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Removing the approximated solar radiation daily sum, since it contains a...

Removing the approximated solar radiation daily sum, since it contains a projection error (it seems to project twice to the horizontal)
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......@@ -320,29 +320,6 @@ double SunObject::getSplitting(const double& iswr_measured) const
return getSplitting(beam_toa, iswr_measured);
* @brief Approximate the daily sum of top of atmosphere solar radiation.
* The daily sum is considered to be the integrated solar radiation over the current day. This uses approximations for the solar declination:
* N. J. Rosenberg, <i>"Microclimate: The Biological Environment"</i>, Wiley, 1974, p495
* and for the daily sum of top of atmosphere solar radiation:
* M. T. Walter et al., <i>"Process-based snowmelt modeling: does it require more input data than temperature-index modeling?"</i>, Journal of Hydrology, <b>300</b>, 2005, pp65-75.
* @return Top Of Atmosphere Radiation projected on the horizontal (W/m²)
double SunObject::approxTOADailySum() const
const double solcon = Cst::solcon * 24.*3600.; // W/m²/day
const Date date(julian_gmt, 0.);
const int J = date.getJulianDayNumber();
const double lat_rad = latitude*Cst::to_rad;
const double declination = 0.4102 * sin( 2.*Cst::PI * static_cast<double>((J-80)/365) ); //Rosenberg 1974
const double toa_h = solcon/Cst::PI * ( acos(-tan(declination)*tan(lat_rad)) * sin(lat_rad)*sin(declination)
+ cos(lat_rad)*cos(declination) * sin( acos(-tan(declination)*tan(lat_rad))) );
return toa_h;
const std::string SunObject::toString() const
std::ostringstream os;
......@@ -62,8 +62,6 @@ class SunObject {
double getSplitting(const double& iswr_modeled, const double& iswr_measured) const;
double getSplitting(const double& iswr_measured) const;
double approxTOADailySum() const;
//SunTrajectory position;
SunMeeus position;
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