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Commit 1849390e authored by Thomas Egger's avatar Thomas Egger
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NetCDFIO: Comments and cleanup

parent 891a583d
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ void NetCDFIO::read2DGrid_internal(Grid2DObject& grid_out, const std::string& fi
get_variable(ncid, varname, varid);
get_dimension(ncid, varname, varid, dimid, dim_varid, dimname, dimlen);
if (read_record) {
if (read_record) { // In case we're reading a record the first index is always the record index
lat_index = 1;
lon_index = 2;
......@@ -1073,18 +1073,14 @@ void NetCDFIO::calculate_dimensions(const Grid2DObject& grid, double*& lat_array
lat_array[0] = grid.llcorner.getLat();
lon_array[0] = grid.llcorner.getLon();
Coords tmp_coord(grid.llcorner);
tmp_coord.setGridIndex(grid.ncols-1, grid.nrows-1, IOUtils::nodata, true); // upper right corner
// The idea is to use the difference in coordinates of the upper right and the lower left
// corner to calculate the lat/lon intervals between cells
Coords urcorner(grid.llcorner);
urcorner.setGridIndex(grid.ncols-1, grid.nrows-1, IOUtils::nodata, true);
double ur_lat = tmp_coord.getLat();
double ur_lon = tmp_coord.getLon();
double lat_distance = ur_lat - lat_array[0];
double lon_distance = ur_lon - lon_array[0];
double lat_interval = lat_distance / (grid.nrows-1);
double lon_interval = lon_distance / (grid.ncols-1);
double lat_interval = (urcorner.getLat() - lat_array[0]) / (grid.nrows-1);
double lon_interval = (urcorner.getLon() - lon_array[0]) / (grid.ncols-1);
for (size_t ii=1; ii<grid.nrows; ii++) {
lat_array[ii] = lat_array[0] + lat_interval*ii;
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