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Bringing more clarity to the filter (please also note that the syntax changed!)

parent 978d5b96
......@@ -125,7 +125,9 @@ void ProcUnventilatedT::parse_args(std::vector<std::string> vec_args)
} else {
const string strArg( IOUtils::strToUpper(vec_args[0]) );
if (strArg=="NAKAMURA")
nakamura = true;
else if (strArg=="HUWALD")
nakamura = false;
else if (strArg=="SUPPR")
throw InvalidArgumentException("Invalid use of the SUPPR option for filter " + getName(), AT);
......@@ -142,6 +144,9 @@ void ProcUnventilatedT::parse_args(std::vector<std::string> vec_args)
if (strArg=="NAKAMURA") {
nakamura = true;
usr_albedo = dblArg;
} else if (strArg=="HUWALD") {
nakamura = false;
usr_albedo = dblArg;
} else if (strArg=="SUPPR") {
usr_vw_thresh = dblArg;
} else
......@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ namespace mio {
* When correcting the data, the albedo of the surroundings is required as well as the incoming or reflected short wave radiation. If a snow height is available, a generic
* snow albedo is used when the snow height is above a given threshold, otherwise a soil albedo. This soil albedo can be provided as an option. Moreover, two corrections
* are available: either the (Huwald, 2009)[default] or the (Nakamura, 2005). When simply deleting all suspicious air temperatures, the wind speed threshold must be provided.
* are available: either HUWALD (Huwald, 2009)[default] or NAKAMURA (Nakamura, 2005).
* When simply deleting all suspicious air temperatures (SUPPR), the wind speed threshold must be provided.
* @note This filter can ONLY be applied to air temperatures. Moreover, since it <i>might</i> depend on the radiation shield, it is highly recommended to do some tests (ie. comparisons between ventillated and unventillated sensors) before using it on a new sensor type. Hopefully a new paper would come and clarify its usability per sensor types...
......@@ -44,7 +45,7 @@ namespace mio {
* #using (Nakamura, 2005) with specified soil albedo
* TA::filter2 = unventilated_T
* TA::arg2 = nakamura 0.23
* TA::arg2 = Nakamura 0.23
* #simply deleting all values when VW<3. m/s
* TA::filter2 = unventilated_T
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