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    The new Coords object is now used by all grids (Grid2DObject, Grid3DObject,... · 687c52df
    Mathias Bavay authored
    The new Coords object is now used by all grids (Grid2DObject, Grid3DObject, DEMObject) as well as by all plugins (but checking proper operation was not possible for GSNIO because of missing libraries on my system...). The documentation has been updated as well as the code examples. A few extra methods have been added when usage has shown the need/convenience of having them (specially for standardazing some processing called by the plugins). A few small bugs have been fixed (possibility of not updating or improperly updating the coordinates in some rare cases).
    The proper marshalling for Grid3DObject has been implemented (it was more or less a dummy method until now). One bug has been fixed for Proj4 support. The code of most of the plugins has been cleaned up in order to get rid of the few remaining "using namespace" in header files.