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  1. 08 Mar, 2021 15 commits
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      Fix Preview tooltip shortcut list · effec21f
      Michael Reisecker authored
      Those shortcuts are system-dependent (and in fact don't even work on my
      Ubuntu), so now we try to fetch the native key sequences.
      Added a few more why not...
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      Set time limit for "successful ini read" status · 2faea02a
      Michael Reisecker authored
      This way for consecutive read-ins it is more clear that stuff is
      happening. We do keep error messages though so the user can always click
      on them.
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      Add placeholder text for InputEditing · 7910fc49
      Michael Reisecker authored
      Glancing at the key label "add command" I expected I must enter a
      command... now I know it's a station ID even without the helptext.
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      Make "placeholder" attribute work in dropdown · e5506144
      Michael Reisecker authored
      No reason to restrict this to a text-only-Selector: we can access the
      internal textbox easily
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      Set a Replicator's key to the child panel · 4ef5301b
      Michael Reisecker authored
      This should be okay to do now and it finally gets rid of setting object
      IDs later (and not deep in Atomic).
      It also makes tooltips work normally.
      Also added XML error log entry if a Selector is given a key.
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      Auto-choose "textmode" in Selector · 3e3bbc4c
      Michael Reisecker authored
      small simplification: textmode="true" is replaced by detecting when
      no dropdown options are given
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      Add injecting Selector text/parameter into help · 4a370058
      Michael Reisecker authored
      This way a Selector's child panels can have nicer help texts.
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      Add possibility for Replicators to have help texts · efa72f80
      Michael Reisecker authored
      This was prevented because we don't have a "replicator" XML parameter
      and so only the children's namespace is available.
      For this, the new tag "rephelp" was introduced because I could not think
      of a better way to do it (making a Replicator an independent node also
      has its drawbacks).
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      Update changelog and mini-cleanup · 72e2d777
      Michael Reisecker authored
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      Add more debugging timers · c1bda16f
      Michael Reisecker authored
      (and use a separate #define DEBUG_TIMERS for it)
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      Rework of the "Replicator" panel · de0b8d4e
      Michael Reisecker authored
      - Implement issue 826:
        Replicator keys can now be empty in which case they will not be tied
        to any INI structure and can spawn arbitrary INI keys.
      - Numbers now do not have to be at the end of a Replicator anymore
        ("FILTER#::ARG" is acceptable now)
      - A Replicator can now inject a single number into a key like
        (A#::B# --> A1::B1) if it is not nested
      - Merge new debug menu entries from master (better way coming up)
      - Heavy maintenance work
      This is a squashed commit of 26 commits with the following commit
      Split up some dynamic panels functionality
      This is a first step to trying to enhance their logic.
      Add test XML for dynamic panels
      Try new dynamic panels syntax
      At least for developing replicate=true and template=true are dropped in
      favor of option nodes like in other panels.
      This will make structuring clearer and can be reverted for more
      stringency later.
      Save possible child panels to container
      String operations instead of regex
      Multiple # replacements possible
      Include Replicators without key to search
      Detect if Replicator can replicate Replicators
      ... and couple this with the start of better (more clear) # --> number
      (all of these are intermediate commits)
      Use info when reps can replicate reps
      If not, all occurrences of "#" should be replaced
      (moving forward with issue 826)
      Propagate replicator child keys to potential template
      Try to handle nested Replicators
      Back to "replicate=true"
      The added verbosity does not seem to bring benefits, and for at least
      one thing it's better this way (no cascading into finding the
      appropriate key, in a Selector e. g.)
      New lookup logic for Replicators
      Support 2 levels of rep/sel nesting
      Remove lots of debug code
      Add comments
      Cleanup, comments
      Re-add lost changes
      Allow empty Replicator keys
      Now if keys are empty use the new, if they are not use the old logic
      Handle Replicator help
      remove test xml from version control
      In debug mode, show how long building XMLs takes
      switch to release
      Add panel search debug functions
      This can be useful to check if unwanted hidden panels are somehow being
      Add comment
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