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Added the new "CLOUDINESS_TYPE" option to MeteoIO's ILWR all sky generator

parent 45f4ecef
......@@ -155,6 +155,12 @@ INIshell include file for MeteoIO generators
<option value="Unsworth"/>
<help>Parametrization to use</help>
<parameter key="%::ARG#::CLOUDINESS_TYPE" label="Cloudiness:" type="alternative" optional="true">
<option value="Crawford"/>
<option value="Kasten"/>
<option value="Lhomme"/>
<help>Cloudiness model to use (default: the model that belongs to the chosen ILWR parametrization). See the &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;atmospheric transmissivity&lt;/a&gt; generator based on cloud cover fraction for more.</help>
<parameter key="%::ARG#::USE_RSWR" label="RSWR mode:" caption="Use RSWR" type="checkbox" default="FALSE">
<help>Should ISWR be computed from RSWR and an estimated albedo (not very precise)?</help>
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