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Added the new MAX_DISTANCE parameter to the LIDW_LAPSE spatial interpolation...

Added the new MAX_DISTANCE parameter to the LIDW_LAPSE spatial interpolation and the new SMET_VERSIONING options
parent 84453d48
......@@ -181,6 +181,7 @@ INIshell include file for MeteoIO spatial interpolations
<help>The closest n stations to each pixel are used to compute the local lapse rate, allowing to project the contributions of these n stations to the local pixel with an inverse distance weight; see &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;the online documentation&lt;/a&gt; for more</help>
<parameter key="%::LIDW_LAPSE::NEIGHBORS" label="Neighbors" type="number" format="integer+" default="4" optional="false" notoggle="true"/>
<parameter key="%::LIDW_LAPSE::MAX_DISTANCE" label="Max_distance" type="number" format="decimal" optional="true" unit="m"><help>Maximum distance from the current point to any given station to be able to contribute to the interpolation (default: no limit)</help></parameter>
<parameter key="%::LIDW_LAPSE::RATE" label="Rate" type="number" format="decimal" precision="6"><help>Enforced lapse rate or fallback lapse rate (depending on the &lt;i&gt;soft&lt;/i&gt; value)</help></parameter>
<parameter key="%::LIDW_LAPSE::SOFT" caption="Soft" type="checkbox" default="TRUE"><help>If a lapse rate is provided, use it as a fallback if no lapse rate can be extracted from the data</help></parameter>
<parameter key="%::LIDW_LAPSE::FRAC" caption="Frac" type="checkbox"><help>The provided lapse rate is relative (i.e. in %)</help></parameter>
......@@ -168,9 +168,12 @@ Please include meteoio_parametergroups before use!
<help>Either write an ascii file (default) or a binary one</help>
<parameter key="SMET_VERSIONING" type="alternative">
<option value="TRUE"/>
<option value="FALSE"/>
<help>append the current date (formatted as numerical ISO) to the filename so multiple versions of the same dataset can be created? (default: false)</help>
<option value="NONE"/>
<option value="NOW"/>
<option value="DATA_START"/>
<option value="DATA_END"/>
<option value="YEARS"/>
<help>create multiple versions of a given dataset by appending additional information to the filename (default: no such versioning)</help>
<parameter key="SMET_PLOT_HEADERS" type="alternative">
<option value="TRUE"/>
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