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Two consts

parent f3dd4c72
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ void PreviewEdit::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event)
void PreviewEdit::dragMoveEvent(QDragMoveEvent *event)
QMainWindow* preview_window(qobject_cast<QMainWindow*>(this->parent()->parent()->parent())); //QStackedWidget->QTabWidget->PreviewWindow
const QMainWindow* preview_window(qobject_cast<QMainWindow*>(this->parent()->parent()->parent())); //QStackedWidget->QTabWidget->PreviewWindow
if (preview_window) {
if (event->mimeData()->hasUrls()) {
preview_window->statusBar()->showMessage(tr("Drop files over the menu or tab titles to open."));
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ void PreviewWindow::addIniTab(const QString& infile)
preview_editor->setPlainText(ini_contents); //without undo history --> can't undo to empty
const QString loaded_file = infile.isNull()? getMainWindow()->getIni()->getFilename() : infile;
QFileInfo file_info(loaded_file);
const QFileInfo file_info(loaded_file);
QString file_name(file_info.fileName());
QString file_path;
if (file_info.exists()) //avoid warning
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