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......@@ -768,7 +768,7 @@ their own simulation software. It showcases all panels and lists their options.
<li>You can use <b><code><o></o></code></b> and <b><code><h></h></code></b> tags in many panels with options as a shortcut. This is mostly useful for gridded layouts; check the source for the grids above to see more shortcuts.</li>
<parameter type="spacer" height="2000" section="rasters"/>
<parameter type="spacer" height="100" section="rasters"/>
<parameter type="helptext" wrap="true" section="rasters">
<help>There is also a &lt;b&gt;spacer&lt;/b&gt; element available with the &lt;code&gt;width&lt;/code&gt; and &lt;code&gt;height&lt;/code&gt; attributes to put some space between elements, like it was done here.</help>
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