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Promote HACK to "we know what we're doing"

We agreed that "it's a feature not a bug", the issue is closed, and I'm
still certain that this is necessary and ok. Hence, I'm humbly replacing
the "HACK" flag with normal documentation.
parent 8ed7a9d4
......@@ -621,9 +621,13 @@ void INIParser::writeIni(const QString &outfile_name, const bool &alphabetical)
outputIni(ss, alphabetical);
//HACK when creating from scratch an ini file and trying to read a key from a Workflow panel,
//the key is not found because MainWindow relies on another INIParser.
//This hacks fixes this problem, but it is very ugly...
* When creating an INI file from scratch, it is not connected to the file system yet.
* So we do this when writing out an INI file here so that the Workflow panel can
* access INI keys and so that we are in the same state as if the user had edited this
* file with an external program and then loaded it into INIshell.
* I. e., we mimick the usual "save as" behaviour.
if (getMainWindow()->getIni() != this) getMainWindow()->setIni( *this );
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