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Commit 45f4ecef authored by Mathias Bavay's avatar Mathias Bavay
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Small fix to store the last chosen directory, working both when a file or a directory was selected

parent 5dc3bb6e
......@@ -210,7 +210,11 @@ void FilePath::openFile()
if (!path.isNull()) {
setSetting("auto::history::last_panel_path", "path", QFileInfo( path ).absoluteDir().path());
const QFileInfo path_info( path+"/" );
if (path_info.isDir())
setSetting("auto::history::last_panel_path", "path", path_info.absolutePath());
setSetting("auto::history::last_panel_path", "path", path_info.absoluteDir().path());
//setProperty calls checkValue()
if (filename_only_)
this->setProperty("ini_value", QFileInfo( path ).fileName());
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