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Commit 39316a26 authored by Mathias Bavay's avatar Mathias Bavay
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Removed the INI file entry field from Snowpack's workflow.

Manually entering anything other than ${inifile} was preventing the
simulation from running (the ini file could not be found anymore), so
for now this possibility has been removed (commented out in the XML). At
some point, we could decide to re-implement this feature but we would
need to make sure it works fine (so the simulation really runs from the
right path and the inif ile would be transparently loaded into the
configuration panel. Adding a file selector would almost be mandatory as
well as the possibility to drag n drop files into this entry widget)
parent c3921036
......@@ -30,11 +30,11 @@ This is the workflow panel that SNOWPACK builds
<element id="start_date" type="datetime"/>
<element type="label" caption="End date:"/>
<element id="end_date" type="datetime"/>
<element type="label" caption="INI file:"/>
<element id="ini" type="text" default="${inifile}"/>
<!--<element type="label" caption="INI file:"/>
<element id="ini" type="text" default="${inifile}"/>-->
<element caption="Run SNOWPACK" type="button">
<command>setpath(%smetpath, ${key:OUTPUT::METEOPATH})</command>
<command>snowpack -c %ini -b %start_date -e %end_date</command>
<command>snowpack -c ${inifile} -b %start_date -e %end_date</command>
<element type="label" caption="&lt;br&gt;&lt;b&gt;Visualize results&lt;/b&gt;"/>
<element type="label" caption="Open niViz in Browser to import and visualize snowpack output files (.pro, .smet):"/>
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