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Commit 38e8b070 authored by Mathias Bavay's avatar Mathias Bavay
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Added the STRICT option to the MAD filter

parent eb241a87
......@@ -301,6 +301,9 @@ INIshell include file for MeteoIO filters
<parameter key="%::ARG#::MIN_SIGMA" label="MIN_SIGMA" type="number" format="decimal" precision="2">
<help>Prevents sigma_mad to get too small by forcing a minimum value</help>
<parameter key="%::ARG#::STRICT" type="checkbox" caption="Strict">
<help>Activate "strict" if the inability to define a window should invalidate the data (default: false)).</help>
<reference name="SOFT_CENTER_MIN"/>
<reference name="ID_RESTRICT"/>
<reference name="TIME_RESTRICT"/>
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