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Fixed a typo, improved the error message

On the lon term, I would prefer Ctrl+Left / Right to change tabs
compared to the more complex Tab key shortcut. But this would require
setting an event filter on the QPlainTextEdit to re-assign the shortcut
(we don't necessarily need to move word by word here).
parent 3fad42c0
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
PreviewEdit::PreviewEdit(const bool& monospace) : QPlainTextEdit()
if (monospace) setMonospacedFont();
setToolTip("Supported shortcuts:\nCtrl+K \t\t\t Deletes to the end of the line\nCtrl+Z / Y \t\t Undo/Redo\nCtrl+Left / Right \t\t Move one word to the left / right\nCtrl+Tab / Shift+Tab \t Move to next / previous tab");
setToolTip("Some of the supported shortcuts:\nCtrl+K \t\t\t Delete to the end of the line\nCtrl+Z / Y \t\t Undo / Redo\nCtrl+Tab / Shift+Tab \t Move to next / previous tab");
sidePanel = new PreviewSidePanel(this);
sidePanel->setStyleSheet("QWidget {background-color: " + colors::getQColor("syntax_background").name() + "; color: " +
colors::getQColor("sl_base01").name() + "; font-style: italic; font-size: 9pt}");
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