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Commit 13c71bec authored by Mathias Bavay's avatar Mathias Bavay
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Now the binary search PATH is printed before each command is executed.

Ideally, it should onyl be printed the first time a command is executed
(this is useful for users who have multiple versions of a binary as it
is the only way to have a chance to figure out which one will be
called). Otherwise, minor constifications in
parent 0281d016
......@@ -544,6 +544,7 @@ bool WorkflowPanel::actionSystemCommand(const QString &command, QPushButton *but
connect(process, &QProcess::readyReadStandardError, this, [=]{ processStandardError(terminal); });
connect(process, &QProcess::errorOccurred, this, [&](const QProcess::ProcessError& error){ processErrorOccured(error, terminal, button); });
terminal->log("\033[3mPATH set to: "+QString::fromLocal8Bit(qgetenv("PATH"))+"\033[0m");
process->start(command); //execute the system command via QProcess
terminal->log(html::bold("$ " + command)); //show what is being run
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ bool workCommandlineArguments(QCommandLineParser *parser)
if (parser->isSet("clear")) {
const QString xml_settings_filename(getSettingsFileName());
std::cout << "Deleting " << xml_settings_filename.toStdString() << "..." << std::endl;
QFile sfile(getSettingsFileName());
QFile sfile( getSettingsFileName() );
if (sfile.error())
std::cerr << "[E] Can't delete settings file: " << sfile.errorString().toStdString() << std::endl;
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ bool workCommandlineArguments(QCommandLineParser *parser)
QFile::copy(":doc/help_dev.xml", QDir::currentPath() + "/help_dev.xml");
if (parser->isSet("print_search_dirs")) {
QStringList search_dirs(getSearchDirs(false)); //without user dirs, settings not ready yet
const QStringList search_dirs( getSearchDirs(false) ); //without user dirs, settings not ready yet
std::cout << "Searching the following directories:" << std::endl;
for (auto &dir: search_dirs)
std::cout << dir.toStdString() << std::endl;
......@@ -236,8 +236,8 @@ void setAppStylesheet(QApplication &app, const command_line_args &cmd_args)
void perform_cmd_ini_operations(const QCommandLineParser &parser, const command_line_args &cmd_args, QStringList &errors)
const QString in_inifile(cmd_args.startup_ini_file);
const QString out_inifile (cmd_args.out_ini_file);
const QString in_inifile( cmd_args.startup_ini_file );
const QString out_inifile( cmd_args.out_ini_file );
if (!out_inifile.isEmpty() && in_inifile.isEmpty()) {
const QString err_msg(
QApplication::tr(R"(To output a file with "-o" you need to specify the input file with "-i")"));
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