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Quickly note "new" FilePath option in dev help

This feature seems to have popped up some time. Only a quick note because
this help tab is not prettified yet anyway.
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......@@ -528,6 +528,7 @@ their own simulation software. It showcases all panels and lists their options.
<li>When the optional <code>mode="input/output"</code> attribute is given, a few more checks are enabled about the file (e. g. an input file should exist).</li>
<li>Remember that these are warnings only, and the INI file will save normally.</li>
<li>You can supply <code><option extension="File type (*.ext)/>"</code> child nodes to filter for these file extensions.</li>
<li>A single extension can also be supplied via the "extension" attribute directly.</li>
<frame caption="File input">
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