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Commit e5f1104b authored by Adrien Michel's avatar Adrien Michel
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Allow compilation with snowpack dev commit 1894

parent 705794de
......@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@ SN_SNOWSOIL_DATA SnowpackInterface::getIcePixel(const double glacier_height, con
snow_stations_tmp.push_back( NULL );
snow_stations_tmp.push_back( new SnowStation(useCanopy, useSoil) );
snow_stations_tmp.push_back( new SnowStation(useCanopy, useSoil, true) );
SnowStation& snowPixel = *(snow_stations_tmp.back());
const bool is_special_point = SnowpackInterfaceWorker::is_special(pts, ix, iy);
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