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Commit 6f110180 authored by Adrien Michel's avatar Adrien Michel
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Wind value correction

parent b039e20c
......@@ -516,8 +516,10 @@ void SnowpackInterfaceWorker::runModel(const mio::Date &date,
bool adjust_height_of_wind_value;
sn_cfg.getValue("ADJUST_HEIGHT_OF_WIND_VALUE", "SnowpackAdvanced", adjust_height_of_wind_value);
//compute ustar, psi_s, z0
meteo.compMeteo(meteoPixel, snowPixel, true);
meteo.compMeteo(meteoPixel, snowPixel, true, adjust_height_of_wind_value);
SurfaceFluxes surfaceFlux;
// run snowpack model itself
double dIntEnergy = 0.; //accumulate the dIntEnergy over the snowsteps
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