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Commit 4ada666a authored by Nander Wever's avatar Nander Wever
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Not sure if those grids from ebalance require Allreduce or reduce. Falling back to default.

parent 0b2eaf9b
......@@ -151,9 +151,9 @@ void EnergyBalance::setMeteo(const mio::Grid2DObject& in_ilwr,
diffuse.fill(band_diffuse, startx, 0, nx, dimy);
direct_unshaded_horizontal.fill(band_direct_unshaded_horizontal, startx, 0, nx, dimy);
MPIControl::instance().reduce_sum(direct, false);
MPIControl::instance().reduce_sum(diffuse, false);
MPIControl::instance().reduce_sum(direct_unshaded_horizontal, false);
double solarAzimuth, solarElevation;
radfields[0].getPositionSun(solarAzimuth, solarElevation);
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