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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ TIMESTEPS=31
#7. Run the extract_chelsa.slurm script the following way:
sbatch --export=ALL,SHPFILE=$SHPFILE,OUTPUT=$OUTPUT,STARTDATE=$STARTDATE --array=1-$TIMESTEPS%30 --output=/home/$USER/chExtract_%A_%a.out extract_chelsa.slurm $SHPFILE OUTPUT=$OUTPUT
sbatch --export=ALL,SHPFILE=$SHPFILE,OUTPUT=$OUTPUT,STARTDATE=$STARTDATE --array=1-$TIMESTEPS%30 --output=/home/karger/chExtract_%A_%a.out /home/karger/scripts/chelsa_utils/extract_chelsa.slurm $SHPFILE $OUTPUT
# this will start a slurm job extracting all the days. It might take some time to finish. When the slurm job finished, move to step 8.
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