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  2. 02 Nov, 2009 2 commits
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      Initial version using SVN (version number updated to 0.99.6). FP4 fields... · 616752b0
      Mathias Bavay authored
      Initial version using SVN (version number updated to 0.99.6). FP4 fields datatypes support still need to be finished while support for "UINT4", "INT2" and "BOOL2" needs to be checked.
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      This is the changelog for releases predating svn repository · 50bc32d7
      Mathias Bavay authored
      	*portability improvements: all sections of the code that might see an effect from platform/compiler word lenght should have been protected by using the C99 types (such as "int32", "uint8", etc)
      	*some cleanup in the handling of the printing of fields' values (the separator is not printed by the Read_XXX functions anymore). It also makes the formats strings easier to read.
      	*cleanup of the code for TOB1 support
      	*a few small speed optimizations
      	*almost complete support for TOB1 format (only a separator at the begining of each lines that needs removal)
      	*much more data types supported and checked: now LONG, ULONG, SHORT, USHORT, SecNano and BOOL have been added to the list of data types that are proven to work
      	*The only data types that still need to be validated are: BOOL2, UINT4, INT2 and FP4
      	*complete support of ASCII type, including when generated on a buggy data logger (some data loggers released before 2005 where issuing strings as a succession of one character string, of data type "ASCII" instead of being "ASCII(1)"
      	*some code cleanup (dead members of the structures)
      	*data types handled using simple function calls because the fonction pointers were way too slow.
      	*the very low level data reading function are now in the same file as the data types reading functions, in order to allow for inlining
      	*some code clean up
      	*data types are now handled using a table of function pointers. Reading a data line is now just a matter of looping over a table and calling the contained functions.
      	*some reorganization on the way the functions are called in order to cope with the major change previously mentionned
      	*added support for padding in data lines
      	*added more data types: BOOL4, INT4, NSec
      	*initial release