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make more flexible options settable to layer plot

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......@@ -37,7 +37,13 @@ def layer_plot(
cbar_label='Density [kg/m$^{3}$]'):
cbar_label='Density [kg/m$^{3}$]',
Plot the layers in the modeled snowpack with optional coloring relating to
one of the state variables 'layer_heights', 'layer_densities', or
......@@ -57,9 +63,19 @@ def layer_plot(
Minimum for the colormap. The default is 50.
vmax : float, optional
Maximum for the colormap. The default is 550.
cmap : str or :class:`matplotlib.colors.Colormap`
Colormap for the layer coloring.
cbar_label : str, optional
Label of the colorbar. The default is 'Density [kg/m$^{3}$]'.
top_line_kwargs : dict or None, optional
Keyword arguments for the line at top of the snowpack. The default is
None which sets reasonable defaults.
layer_line_kwargs : dict or None, optional
Keyword arguments for the lines between the snow layers. The default is
None which sets reasonable defaults.
cax_kwargs : dict or None, optional
Keyword arguments passed to :func:`mpl.colorbar.make_axes`. The default
is None.
......@@ -77,7 +93,7 @@ def layer_plot(
d_small = d_large.where(d_large['layer_heights'] != 0, drop=True)
d_small['layer_tops'] = d_small['layer_heights'].cumsum(dim='layers', skipna=True)
color_norm = mpl.colors.Normalize(vmin=vmin, vmax=vmax, clip=True)
color_mapper =,
color_mapper =, cmap=cmap)
for l in d_small['layers'].to_index():
for t in d_small['time'].to_index():
if not np.isnan(d_small['layer_heights'].sel(layers=l, time=t)):
......@@ -99,14 +115,22 @@ def layer_plot(
# there would be nans and and the layertops would be connected from arbitrary
# locations
d_large['layer_tops'] = d_large['layer_heights'].cumsum(dim='layers', skipna=True)
# thin layerborders in black
ax.plot(d_large['time'].to_index(), d_large['layer_tops'].to_numpy().T, lw=0.5, c='k')
# thicker top of snowcover in black
ax.plot(d_large['time'].to_index(), d_large['hs'].to_pandas(), c='k', lw=2, label='HS modeled')
# draw layerborders
l_kwargs = {'lw': 0.5, 'c': 'k'}
if layer_line_kwargs is not None:
ax.plot(d_large['time'].to_index(), d_large['layer_tops'].to_numpy().T, **l_kwargs)
# draw line at top of the snowcover
t_kwargs = {'lw': 2, 'c': 'k', 'label': 'HS modeled'}
if top_line_kwargs is not None:
ax.plot(d_large['time'].to_index(), d_large['hs'].to_pandas(), **t_kwargs)
if color_variable is not None:
# colorbar for density:
cax, _ = mpl.colorbar.make_axes(ax)
c_kwargs = {'pad': 0.01}
if cax_kwargs is not None:
cax, _ = mpl.colorbar.make_axes(ax, **c_kwargs)
cbar = plt.colorbar(color_mapper, cax, ax)
return None
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