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Commit a1655bb1 authored by Rebecca Kurup Buchholz's avatar Rebecca Kurup Buchholz
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Made null_value compatible for gcnet line cleaner

parent 8c5c323c
# TODO copy to gcnet app and adjust improts
from lwf.util.time_fields import get_utc_datetime, get_year, get_julian_day, quarter_day, half_day, year_day, \
......@@ -9,9 +8,8 @@ from gcnet.util.constants import Columns
# Return line_clean dictionary for GC-Net data parent class: Station in gcnet/
# Keys are Station model names, values are from NEAD datbase_fields key in FIELDS section
# null_value items are replaced with None
# Values matching null_value are replaced with None
def get_gcnet_line_clean(row, date_format, null_value):
row = {
Columns.TIMESTAMP_ISO.value: get_utc_datetime(row['timestamp_iso'], date_format),
Columns.TIMESTAMP.value: get_unix_timestamp(row['timestamp_iso'], date_format),
......@@ -44,9 +42,12 @@ def get_gcnet_line_clean(row, date_format, null_value):
Columns.REFTEMP.value: row['reftemp']
# null_value is converted to float and then back to string to compare with row values
null_value_float = str(float(null_value))
# Assign values to None that match null_value
for key, value in row.items():
if value == null_value:
if value == null_value_float:
row[key] = None
return row
\ No newline at end of file
return row
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