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Commit 84dc9665 authored by Rebecca Kurup Buchholz's avatar Rebecca Kurup Buchholz
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Added 'multiple' option to generic CSV view

parent 546286c0
......@@ -94,14 +94,24 @@ def get_timestamp_iso_range_day_dict(start, end):
# --------------------------------------- Dynamic Parameters Validator -------------------------------------------------
# Validate parameters and return them as display_values list
# If 'multiple' passed returns all parameters (except 'id' and time related fields)
# parameters are comma separated string from kwargs['parameters']
# model_class is validated model as a class
def validate_display_values(parameters, model_class):
display_values = []
# If parameters == 'multiple' return all parameters (except 'id' and time related fields)
if parameters == 'multiple':
fields_excluded = ['id', 'timestamp_iso', 'timestamp', 'year',
'julianday', 'quarterday', 'halfday', 'day', 'week']
display_values = [ for field in model_class._meta.get_fields() if not in fields_excluded]
return display_values
# Split parameters comma separated string into parameter_list
parameters_list = convert_string_to_list(parameters)
# Validate parameters in parameters_list and add to display_values
display_values = []
for parameter in parameters_list:
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