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Commit 48751a7a authored by Rebecca Kurup Buchholz's avatar Rebecca Kurup Buchholz
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Updated Http errors with renamed fields

parent c70ff2f0
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ def parameter_http_error(parameter):
return HttpResponseNotFound("<h1>Page not found</h1>"
"<h3>Non-valid parameter entered in URL: {0}</h3>"
"<h3>Valid parameters are:</h3>"
"<p>swin, swin_maximum, swout, swout_minimum, netrad, netrad_maximum, airtemp1, airtemp1_maximum,"
"<p>swin, swin_maximum, swout, swin_stdev, netrad, netrad_stdev, airtemp1, airtemp1_maximum,"
" airtemp1_minimum, airtemp2, airtemp2_maximum, airtemp2_minimum, airtemp_cs500air1, "
"airtemp_cs500air2, rh1, rh2, windspeed1, windspeed_u1_maximum, windspeed_u1_stdev,"
"windspeed2, windspeed_u2_maximum, windspeed_u2_stdev, winddir1, winddir2, pressure,"
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