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......@@ -502,8 +502,8 @@ Arguments used in API calls::
sh2 Snow Surface Distance 2 [m]
battvolt Battery Voltage [V]
swin_maximum Shortwave Incoming Radiation Maximum [W m^-2]
swout_minimum Shortwave Outgoing Radiation Minimum [W m^-2]
netrad_max Net Radiation Maximum [W m^-2]
swin_stdev Shortwave Incoming Radiation Standard Deviation [W m^-2]
netrad_stdev Net Radiation Standard Deviation [W m^-2]
airtemp1_maximum Thermocouple Air Temperature 1 Maximum [degC]
airtemp2_maximum Thermocouple Air Temperature 2 Maximum [degC]
airtemp1_minimum Thermocouple Air Temperature 1 Minimum [degC]
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